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Final Chapter... 18

Aww, how sad, the final chapter.
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Chapter 18.2 – Kelly’s point of view

“Quiet crying, babe,” Ron attempted to comfort me and my pathetic crying over Tom’s hurtful accusations and realizing just how badly I missed them in that month that something went wrong.

I sat on my couch with my knees to my chin crying, “I can’t.”

“The boys are not worth your tears,” he patted my back. I don’t know where McFly and I went wrong. I had e-mailed Tom and suddenly I didn’t get a reply. I attempted to call Dougie but his number was disconnected. I sent a letter to them but it came back a week later. My myspace had been deleted by the website because of some phony reason. I took them off my mind by working more because I didn’t want to admit that there was a problem with contacting them.

One would think that if I really loved them I would have tried harder, but I tried my hardest. I attempted to contact them in every way I knew possible but when nothing came back, work became the only thing that could get them off my mind for a long period of time. I figured that they were busy and that if I didn’t concentrate on them that they would respond to me within time.

But what’s up with Tom saying that I blocked them, if I thought that they were the ones not responding?

Chapter 18.4 – Dougie’s point of view

I stood out in the hallway, pacing back and forth weighing my options; knock on the door or just leave. No matter what I was to do, I would lose. I’d lose my chance to tell her how I feel; I’d lose my dignity for confessing that I need her.

My heart beated like the thump of a horse, and felt like it was going to fall out of my ass. Her door seemed to call my name, but the toilet seemed to call my shit.

Working up any nerve I had left in my body I knocked on her door. I had knocked on Kelly’s door. My head felt heavy, my heart raced harder and my stomach started doing triple axle back flips. I kept telling my self breathe in, breathe out. I could hear foot steps coming and I wanted to run away. My legs felt like they were going to crash and I was going to cry. Just as I decided I was going to get out, the door opened.

“Hello,” a man, who I guessed was Ron, answered the door. “May I help you?”

Thinking that I forgot how to talk, I somehow managed to speak out and ask, “is Kelly here?”

Ron was silent, but I could tell something was going on in his head, as if he had a realization of who I was, “I’m sorry, but she’s under the weather.”

“Oh,” I frowned. “Do you think I could still see her?” A muffled “who is it” came from behind the door, the voice was sad; the voice was Kelly.

“No one,” he turned around and whispered as if I hadn’t heard. He then returned to me. “No, sorry.”

“I have to see her,” I put my hand on the door to keep it from shutting. As much as I hated Kelly for blocking me out of her life I just had to see her. My eyes glared at him as he huffed.

“Hold on,” he managed to get the door to shut a bit more. In a slow whisper he spoke to her, “it’s some little boy; he wants to see you badly. I don’t think you should. You need rest.”

“Nah, let him in,” I could barely hear Kelly say.

Ron returned to the door with a slightly evil smile on his face, “sorry, she doesn’t want any company. At all.”

“What about yourself?” I muttered in a beginning-to-get-angry tone. “I heard her say let me in,” I kept my hand firmly on the door, ready to fight it open if he attempted to close it on me.

“Fine,” he huffed, opening up the door. I walked in and saw Kelly sitting on the couch. She looked beautiful, even with some mascara smeared and her newly-colored hair in a mess. She looked up at me with a weak smile. I didn’t know what to do. What had I come here for?

“I just came to say goodbye. For ever,” I waved and turned around.

“Dougie,” her voice cracked, halting me to a stop. I turned around to face her. “Why?” she sounded close to tears.

“I heard what you had to say. Tom told me it all.” I said bitterly.

“I swear I didn’t block you out of my life,” her voice sternly said as she got off the couch and took a few steps closer to me. Ron took her place on the couch.

“Then why didn’t you ever call?” I felt like I might break down.

“I did, I tried every day.”

“I tried calling you and your numbers were disconnected.”

“That’s what happened when I tried to call you,” she stepped forward with a few tears making their way down her face. She didn’t bother to wipe them.

“Kelly, do you want me to make him leave?” Ron bitterly said from behind her, she shook her head no.

I shrugged my shoulders at her. “Sorry, Kell.” I walked out before I started to feel like I would cry. Kelly looked hurt as I shut the door to her apartment.

Chapter 18.6 – Ron’s point of view

“How the hell did he find you?”

“What do you mean?” Kelly wiped the tears that were coming from her eyes. She was feeling the pain of rejection which I had also felt when she would rather talk to Dougie instead of me, her own boyfriend who was a block away, not a road trip away.

“You blocked him out of your life, so how did he track you down?”

“I did not block him,” she yelled with anger in her voice. “Do you actually think I would do that?!”

“No,” I knew she wouldn’t because she was addicted to them because they were like a drug to her. It drove me crazy, McFly this, McFly that. They needed to mcfly out of Kelly’s life.

“I know they wouldn’t block me, either,” she calmed down a bit, wiping away the rest of her tears.

“I know,” she gave me a look.

“What do you mean?”

“You were constantly talking to them. I knew everything about Dougie but did he even know anything about me?! I’m the one who blocked your guys’ numbers from reaching each other! I’m the one who blocked your guys’ e-mails from reaching each other! I’m the one who returned any letters from them! I’m the one who deleted your myspace! I’m the one who finally made them boys mcfly out of your life!”

“How the hell could you do that to me?!” rage immerged from her voice. Her eyes glared at me, “I hate you! We’re over!” she raced out the door without a coat or shoes.

Chapter 18.8 – Kelly’s point of view

Rain was pouring down as I exited my apartment. I looked up and down the road for any sign of Dougie. He was heading towards a limo. I raced down the side walk without a coat or shoes, the rain pounding on me, “Dougie!”

He looked up from opening the door to the limo. “Dougie” I yelled again racing up to him. “It was Ron’s fault.”

The other McFly boys sat in the back, looking out at me. He didn’t say anything, he only stared. “I know you didn’t block me, and I know you know I didn’t block you. It was Ron that did.”

“Bloody fuck, don’t lie,” Tom yelled from inside the dry limo.

“I know you want to be in my life and I know you know I want you to be in my life,” I was starting to cry in my soaking clothes.
Ron had come out of my apartment and was chasing down the block towards me and the boys in a huge black raincoat, hiking boots and wool hat. “Kelly!” he yelled after me but he didn’t matter to me.

“You know I love you,” I stepped closer to him, ignoring Ron who was coming closer to us.

Something in Dougie’s face lightened up, “you know I love you too.” He stepped closer to me, placing his hand on my cheek and lowering his lips against mine. My arms went around his neck and his other hand went on my waist. The rain poured on his, soaking us to chills. Ron stared in disbelief and the Mcfly boys stared in amazement along with confusion.

I parted from our kiss, but place my forehead against his, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


Hope you've enjoyed. =]
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