hypnology (hypnology) wrote,

Chapter 13 & 14

both 3 part chapters

Chapter 13.2 – Narrator

Dougie sat up in bed, drenched in sweat. He had dreamed he ran away after Kelly. Reaching on his nightstand, he turned on the light, took out a piece of paper and wrote down what he had dreamt. He must have reread it a thousand times before he fell asleep reading it.

“Dude, Dougie, wake up,” Danny poked Dougie’s upper arm till it started to turn red.

“What the fuck, man,” Dougie moaned.

“Tom is missing.”

“What?!” he sat up quickly, causing his head to spin and drift back to his dream. “Where did he go?”

Danny gave him the look; the look of ‘you’re an idiot.’ “He’s missing, hence we do not know where he fucking ran off to.”

“Check his bathroom,” Danny raised an eyebrow at him.

“The bathroom?”

“Yeah. That’s where all missing people leave notes to the left behinders,” he acted like he knew what he was talking about. His mind raced with questions, the one that ran the most was ‘what if what I dreamt is what Tom is doing?’

Chapter 13.6 – Giovanna’s point of view

“Tom,” I yawned playing with his hand that rest on my stomach. He began to wake up, “your mates have been calling for you.” I showed him his cell phone that had been going off the hook.

“What time is it?” he played back with my hand.

“Just about noon.”

Tom sighed and held me closer to him. “Home is hell.”

“I’m sorry,” I stroked his cheek as he smiled down on me. He didn’t have to say anything because I knew what he was thinking. He loved me, and I loved him. “Shall we make some breakfast?”

“I suppose so,” we both got up hand in hand to the kitchen.

“I thought you said Harry apologized?” I opened the refrigerator and took out some eggs. Tom snorted in an unattractive manner.

“He did,” he snorted again, “for three minutes. The second I said I forgave him he fucking slapped the bottoms of my feet and I quote him saying ‘jackass, you fell for it,’ Some mate, eh?”

“Yeah, some mate eh,” I smiled at him. “But seriously, Tom, you should call them."

Chapter 13.8 – Tom’s point of view

After a long, well-deserved shag, I finally decided to call the boys and make sure they were hadn’t gone psycho and called the police on me. Danny called it once on Dougie while really he had been on the toilet for 8 hours. Non-stop on the toilet for 8 hours, he seriously did. “Hey man,” I talked to Dougie who actually answered the phone for what must be the first time in his life.

“Danny’s gonna kill you,” was the first thing Dougie blurted. It made me feel so nice and wanted. From a distant, I could hear some grunting, “givemethephone!”

“Where the bloody fuck have you been?!” Danny raged onto the phone.

I sighed, wishing I hadn’t called. “At Giovanna’s. I’ll be home soon.” I hung up quickly because I wasn’t in the mood. Giovanna was acting weird because I was acting weird because my mates are acting weird.


Chapter 14.3 - narrator

Three months had past since the boys had seen Kelly. Dougie and her talked once a week on the phone, while Tom and her e-mailed each other when they could. Harry and Tom finally made up. The Doctors said his bitchiness was because he was grumpy from not being able to sleep in his own bed. Harry called Kelly about a month after he had seen her and apologized; Kelly giggled to herself because she had forgotten all about their little fight. Danny and Vivian made up but they broke up after Danny shagged her. One last screw and she was kicked out the door. Ashley dumped Harry because she felt that Charlie was the man for her. Everything fell back into place for the boys and for Kelly.

Tom and Giovanna were still dating and going strong. Dougie dated around but didn’t have a girlfriend. Danny decided to go solo for a while and started hanging out with Kelly Osbourne. Harry, too, decided to stay single for a bit but would occasionally bring home a piss-drunk girl and do her good. Kelly had started dating a co-worker but it was nothing as serious as Giovanna and Tom.

Chapter 14.6 – Kelly’s point of view

“Oh shut up, Dougie,” I giggled on the phone with my now good friend. “We have not done that.”

“I could have sworn we heard you during the night all the way over here,” he sarcastically said. “Give it to me baby, uh-huh, uh-huh.”

“Shut up, shut up,” I laughed. “One day, he’ll be over here when you say that and then he’ll be mad. And I’ll send him over there to beat your skinny ass.”

“Is my butt really not fat?” he laughed. “And why would you have him beat me up?”

I snorted a bit, “I don’t know. I just said something.”

“At least I don’t have a JLO butt ox.”

“Oh no you did not.”

“I just oh so did so, oh.” We both set off laughing. Dougie calmed down as I kept laughing, “who said that funny?” we, again, set off laughing.

“You kill me.”

“I hope no one kills you, ‘cause I’d sure miss ya,” Ron, my boyfriend, came in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Hey,” I smiled at him.

“Who’s there? Is that Ron? Are you kissing?” Dougie turned into his alto ego- Donnie the little school girl.

I laughed and bit my lip, “Ron, yes, yes.” I leaned over and gave him a kiss back on the lips, hoping Dougie couldn’t hear us.

“Does he have a key to your house?”

“Uhh,” I nervously laughed. “Sort of. Listen Dougie, I’ll call you on Sunday, k?”

“Okay, honey, I’ll talk to you on Sunnndayyy,” Dougie’s other alter-ego, Donna the hippie, showed. “I hope your week is filled with sunshine and flowers.” We hung up with a smile on our faces.

“So you and him, seem to be a bit serious friends, huh?” Ron placed the phone down on the table.

“Come on. We’re just friends,” I held his hand which was rather rough.

“Kelly, I don’t want to be a pain, but you’re always talking to him and about him. And that Tom, too.” He played with my fingers. “Your e-mail is filled with his e-mails; both in and out box. You keep Dougie’s letters in your night stand.” I titled my head in disbelief at him. “Dougie calls you while we’re on dates and constantly messages you on your myspace. You don’t find that a bit of serious friends?”

I gently rolled my eyes at him, “I can’t believe you don’t trust me,” a frown formed on my face. “He’s just like Nadine, but in guy form. He’s a best friend; nothing more. We couldn’t be more. We wouldn’t be more.”

Chapter 14.8 – Harry’s point of view

“You are such a girl,” I gave Dougie a noogie.

“Am not.”

In a mimicking voice I said, “flower power, girlfriend.” Dougie scrunched his nose and stuck his tongue out at me.

“Your boxers so do not match your tie,” Dougie faked a gay man. Sometimes I swear the little runt is really gay. Especially the way him and Danny are constantly all over each other. Danny touches his nipples and Dougie makes his fingers look like they’re grabbing Danny’s nipples. It’s rather queer. Sure, it’s a good laugh, but when you’re constantly doing it, it starts to get rather suspicious. Danny’s probably bisexual; loves a good fuck from a girl and foreplay from a guy. Or maybe he likes it in the butt. But, I remember Dougie saying buttsex is like fucking poop. But then again, Dougie is obsessed with poop.

“Ohhhh, Douglas,” Danny quickly stuck his tongue in and out of his mouth suggesting seductive things to him.

“You two, I swear you’re both staying single for each other.”

“And yourself?” Tom entered the kitchen with Giovanna wrapped in his left arm.

“I’ve had some very fit birds in bed, thank-you very much,” I popped my collar while being very proud that I haven’t lost my juddster touch; the touch of judd the stud who can pull in any girl.

“But you’re still single. You’re so saving yourself for me!” Dougie spazzed in Donnie-ego.

“Suck it, Dougie.”

“Oh, sunshine, I’d love to,” Donna the hippie came out of Dougie.

“Course ya would, Dougster. Cock is great.” Danny smiled with greed and a corona in his hand.

“Ok, I’m going to leave now,” Giovanna pointed towards the stairs that lead to Tom’s room. She left them us standing there and quickly got away from the cock talk.

“Aw, she doesn’t wanna rock out with her cock out,” Danny hollered.

“She can’t rock with her cock out, she ain’t got one,” Tom missed Danny’s humor.

“But she can rock out with your cock out,” I laughed out, having to hold my stomach from cramping. The other two joined me in a hysterical laughter.

Tom smirked but tried to keep himself from laughing. “You would. Only you would say that.” Tom’s mouth began to crack a smile. “I’m going to leave with my dignity.” He walked away towards the stairs.

“Cock-adoodledo,” Danny ran to the bottom of the stairs and yelled after Tom.

Dougie stood at the open refrigerator “Want a cock-tail, Danny?” he whipped his cock out when he turned around, and waved it like a flag.

“Dougie, I’m a dick, addicted to your dick,” Danny went over and tried to grab it before Dougie could shove it back into his boxers.

“Now, Danny, that’s sick,” I decided I had to get away from all this dick and whack off.
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