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chapter siete

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3 pt chapter.

Chapter 7.3 – Dougie’s point of view

“We’re just trouble, aren’t we?” I talked to Kelly outside of her hotel room. Harry told us the whole thing that happened between them and how she was a bit mad but nothing serious while we got a key to get into our room which Vivian rudely stole.

She let a little laugh out, “you’re not that bad. Tom neither.”

“I’m surprised we haven’t scared you away.”

A cute smile formed on her face, “I’ve only just met you guys.” We stood silently for a few moments. “And I’ve already got caught in drama, rock star life style, eh?”

“Yeah, this happens a lot,” we both laughed.

“Would you like to come in? No use standing in the hall,” her room door opened. The room was average, something I wasn’t used to.

“Ah, thanks.” I sat on the edge of the bed that was made. “I’m still amazed that you haven’t set a restraining order on us.”

“Oh come on,” she sat next to me. “I’m the one you should be restraining,” she giggled.

“And why?”

“I’ve spent so much time with you in the past thirty hours and I’ve been being the dramatic one. Thinking that Danny actually liked me and getting miffed over Harry having a girlfriend. You can flirt with people while dating, as long as you don’t lead them on,” she went into a small speech.

“Kelly, don’t worry,” I placed a hand gently on her back. “They led you on, so it’s only fair that you can be mad.”

“Dr. Phil?” we both laughed, it was true; I wasn’t exactly being my weird, quiet self, but she and I seemed to like this me.

“Well, I guess I do have his nose,” I paused a second, “and butt.”

“I think you have his toes, too.”

“Why, I think you’re right.”

Chapter 7.6 – narrator


“So you’re saying that you fought with Vivian so you slept with April? Tom chuckled at Danny’s superior logic.

“Yeah, Tom, that sounds a bit right,” Harry said, everyone unaware if he was being sarcastic or not.

“Shut up, lads,” Danny held ice to both of his cheeks which had swollen up, making him look like a squirrel more than a rat. His voice was broken and sad.

“Expectro redoO,” Tom pointed his finger at Danny, with his eyes uneasily opened to see if it worked.

“What the fuck,” the other two boys said in unison.

“Harry Potter, dudes,” Tom said as if they should have known, and they probably should have considering he brought a Harry Potter bag with him that had all 6 of the books in the series inside of it. He lifted up the bag and gave it a kiss.

“Queer,” Harry laughed at him.

“Don’t call me queer, at least I’m not a girl,” he shot back at him, “and at least I don’t look like a squirrel.”

“Well you do have the big cheeks of a babies bum!” Danny yelled back, bringing more pain to his sores. Harry broke in to laughter. Tom stood glaring at them, and then chucked one of the Harry Potter books at Harry’s head.

“Hey now!”

“You’re an all-star,” Danny mumbled but Tom sang proudly.

“Maybe not an all-star, but an all-time loser,” Harry joked at Danny. Neither of the two boys felt that sorry for Danny especially after what he did; led Kelly on, planned to sleep with her, ditched her and everyone for his rude girlfriend, slept with his girlfriend’s best friend, and to top the ice cream with a cherry, lied to his girlfriend. Amazing how one man can do that all in less than 24 hours, Danny truly is one of a kind.

“You’re. Not. Helping,” Danny’s voice rose. “I already said I was sorry.”

“And we already said we accepted your apology.”

“Accepto apologo!” Harry rolled his eyes at Tom’s weirdness.

Chapter 7.9 – Danny’s point of view

“Don’t sweat it Harry,” Kelly talked to Harry over the phone. Dougie had convinced him to call her.

“So we’re cool?”

“We were always cool. I got to go; I’ll see you boys later, bye.”

“Bye,” Harry hung up the phone and joined us on the couch.

“So this is what girls do when they’re sad?” Tom looked at Dougie as if it was his idea and not Kelly’s.

“Uh-huh,” Dougie sat down with a tub of chocolate ice cream.

“We should have thought about this ages ago,” Harry joined us on the couch in front of the large screen TV. “Junk food big out, hot baths, late night TV and your mates.”

“Are you positive your name isn’t Harriet?” Tom gave him a weird look.

“Well at the moment, I don’t care how girlish this is,” I wiped my eyes which felt as though they were going to break down. “I gotta get over her.” The boys all nodded. Some mates, huh? They’re supposed to be comforting, but then again they’re men and my mates.

“Which movie do you lads fancy?” Tom fumbled with the remote, showing up the list of movies.

“How ‘bout a porno?” Dougie grabbed the remote stopping at Playboy Mansion Fantasies.

“Wait stop!” Tom yelled. “Harry Potter!”

“Someone, sock him please?” Danny rested his head on Harry’s shoulder for a quick second before realizing how gay that probably looked.

After fussing over what to watch, Dougie bought a porno. “Hey, isn’t that Vivian?”

“And April?!”
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