hypnology (hypnology) wrote,

Chapter six

only one point of view

Chapter 6 – Vivian’s point of view

“Danny?” I knocked on the door. I stood outside his room hoping on of his mates would come around and open the door for me. I had to apologize; Danny was too great to give up. Besides, I caught a site at that Kelly chic again, and damn that hoe is fugly. I do not see how I couldn’t have trusted Danny’s words about not doing anything with that rubbish girl.

“Hey, hey, look,” I looked up and there came Harry and the fugly hoe. They were whispering, and I knew it was about me.

“Hi,” I faked everything to them. They, (mcfly and Kelly), have never liked me. Only Danny has, and I just had to get back with him. “Harry, I would love it if you could open the door for me. Danny and I fought and I need to say sorry.” I hoped one of them would be the idiot and fall for it.

“Vivian, what makes you expect me to be nice and help you after the way you treated Kelly at dinner last night.”

“Because Ashley is here, and I convince her to break up with you.”

“Wait, you have a girlfriend?” Kelly’s voice made me nauseous. How could the lord create something so disturbingly ugly and annoying? Why was she even with them? I heard never heard or seen her before.

“Yeahh,” he shyly smiled, and both of us girls could tell there was about to be some drama. Drama is for little kids, not people who are supposed to be mature adults. I guess ugly people can’t be mature.

“So you lied to me?” She looked hurt, I almost felt sorry for her. Almost being the key word.

“No I didn’t?” Harry was beginning to sweat; it always happened when he got nervous or had to lie. It’s greatly unattractive, but it’s so totally funny to watch him get yelled at; too bad he isn’t being yelled at by a cute girl; it might be funnier.

“Well, you sure flirted with me last night,” she sounded hurt now, but her annoying voice took away any remorse I had for her; which was very little, in fact none at all.

“Who would flirt with you?” I laughed out. I seriously could not hold that in.

“Take the damn key and let yourself in,” Harry chucked the card at me.

“Bloody bitch.”

I let my self in to the room. Danny was sleeping like a baby, and his face was still a little red, who knew I was so strong? I crept on to the bed and was going in to hug him, “what the bloody fucking hell is going on?!”

“What the..?” Danny sat up covering himself and April up. “I swear nothing happened,” he stampeded like an idiotic little boy.

“He made me,” April broke into hysteric tears. I bit my lip, possibly causing it to bleed. I though and thought; I didn’t know what to do. Did something happen, did Danny really do it? As much as I hated both of them, something popped into my head. Who do I trust; my best friend or the hot, rich boyfriend? If I trusted April, Danny would spend loads on me to get back with me, when if I just take Danny then I lose a friend and have to one to gossip with. Or I take both and still get nothing. Or take neither and both will come begging to me on their knees for forgiveness. My mind was set and I decided April and Danny would pay; only they would both be paying in pain and money.

“I fucking hate you Danny Alan!” my anger took control and slapped Danny’s other cheek. He flopped back onto his bed in pain. He needed to feel the pain that I felt when I saw him and my best friend together. I crawled over his naked body and slapped April.
She cried harder than rain and screamed louder than thunder, “fucking mother mercy, my face! You ruined it you filthy blood bitch! Fucking die! Read my lips, fucking die!”

“You fucking die, whore scum bag, boyfriend stealing wench!” I slapped my hand against her thigh, which she says ‘are of a goddesses.’ I backed off the bed, slamming my purse against both of the dead weight of the bed and stormed out, pushing past ugly and uglier. “Watch were you are standing, fuckers!”

“Someone’s got something up their butt,” Kelly snottily said. Deep inside I knew Harry was thinking the same thing about her.

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