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Chapter five

3 1/2 parts chapter.

Chapter 5.3 – Danny’s point of view

“Don’t worry babe,” I pulled Vivian closer to me. We were back in the suite. Neither of the boys nor Kelly were here, I had ditched them, and we managed to lose April when we told her that Paris Hilton was in the restaurant. She dumbly went in search of her, poor thing for believing us. “I wasn’t going to do anything with her,” I gave my best pouty lip to her in hopes of her going to nibble my lips like I love. She stepped closer to me, our hips touching, just like Kelly and mine had earlier. I pulled her head closer to me; “she was bloody ugly anyway,” we both went in for the kiss.

“Dan-keee,” she whined in a moaning sound that turned me on, not that I wasn’t already turned on. “Don’t think you can just have me back by saying she was ugly.” Vivian stepped away and went to lie on my bed, her sexy dress slipping up so I could get a peek at her black g-string.

“You’re so pretty, and good to me. Your breasts are not worthy of me. Nor my mouth,” I went and stood directly behind where she lay. “I can’t believe you’re still with me, I’m such a loser fool for how I’ve been treating you lately.” My hands began to slide onto her legs, and make their way up. “You’re wonderful, a good fuck too,” we both giggled like children.
“You’re a good fuck, too,” she giggled back. I knew what that meant; she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. Finally, my hands reached her thighs, and began to play with the top of her thong; I could feel myself getting so excited. “I love you, Danny,” she whispered, feeling my cold hand pulling her thong down.

Chapter 5.6 – Tom’s point of view

“Kelly? Are you alright?” I and the boys approached her as she sat in the cold outside the restaurant. She nodded her head weakly. I may not have known her more than a few hours, but she was good person and I could picture us being friends, and I knew something was bothering her. “You sure?”

“I just don’t get it,” she shook her head, bringing her knees to her chin. “He seemed so nice, but suddenly a blonde with bigger boobs walks by and I’m suddenly pork roast.” We all gave a small laugh at her metaphor.

“Sorry to be the one to say it, but that was Danny’s girlfriend,” Dougie frowned.

“Then why was he flirting with me?” She bit her lip, looking the other way. “Men, I swear, they were only created to push a girl’s buttons.”

“Hey now,” I went and sat on the other side of her, and Dougie took my spot, leaving Harry squatting on his knees in front of us.

“Ok, some boys,” she giggled and returned to looking at all of us.

“Ya know, Danny’s a bloody pig and has no feelings for anyone,” I tried to reassure her. She nodded her head, understanding what type of person Danny truly was.

“Did you like him?” Dougie mumbled quietly as if he wasn’t sure to ask it or not.

“Like is a bit strong,” she searched for the right words to say. “I guess I was starting to like him because he was giving me attention, but he only led me on,” she rolled her eyes.

“That’s Danny, quite the user,” Dougie and I rolled our eyes. Harry looked down at the ground, feeling guilty, and we knew why. He had been trying to put some moves on Kelly, (but less than Danny, way less), and Harry had a girlfriend. A sort of girlfriend; they’ve been on and off for the past year.

“You’d probably rather not like to see Danny ... but, … I, um, would like to, err, hang out still,” I slowly managed out, trying not to sound too forward.

Chapter 5.9 – Danny’s point of view

“I love you, too, Kelly.”

“What the fucking hell did you just fucking call me?!” Vivian slapped my hand, pulled up her knickers and stared her devil eyes at me. “Well, bastard; what did you fucking call me?”

“I, uhh, I called you Vivian?”

“Liar,” she yelled, brutally slapping her hand across my face. I backed away to avoid being hit again.

“I, I… Uh. I did call you Vivian, Vivian,” my cheek hurt like hell, and never in my life had I felt like crying before, but if anyone were to know that, I would deny it completely.

“Bullshit!” she jumped off my bed, coming closer to my pain-filled face. “I fucking hate you, Danny! Fuck you and your stupid Kelly, too.” She grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

“Viv, no, please, wait,” I grabbed her purse, yanking it from her hands.

“Keep it you piece of filthy rubbish,” the door opened and she was walk gone, “and by the way, you’re willie is bloody small and you’re a fucking horrible fuck.” The door slammed shut, I flinched a bit. I sat down on a chair, holding my face and restraining myself from crying. Crying would only make the pain worse; the pain of my cheek and of my heart. Vivian was gone, and who the hell knew when I could hear her, see her, touch her, smell her, or taste her again.

Chapter 5.9 ½ - April’s view

“Did you come to yell at me for Vivian?” Danny let me into his suite.

“Uhh, what?” I played my perfect hair; sleek straight and no hair straighter involved. Danny looked surprised and sat down at the counter in their small kitchen. (I thought this was supposed to be a suite?) “I did not see Paris at the restaurant.”

Danny gave me a dumb look, and I bit the top of my finger to make myself look as cute as I could, but that’s so not possible, because I am already like so cute and adorable. “Paris wasn’t really there,” he shook his head.

“What?” I shook my head in disbelief. Had my best friend and my best friend’s boyfriend lied to me? How could lie to something this cute? Three dimples, that like totally beats Tom’s one dimple, by two dimples! Plus I have real breasts (and they’re cute), unlike Tom, his are man boobs and sag more than my grandmother’s. Seriously, support bra anymore? I should, like, buy him one, but why should I waste my money on someone so uncute? And my butt is so cute, it’s like an apple. People tell me I have an apple bottom that could land a plane. I’m also exotic, I’m imported into the kingdom, I am so rare. Plus I have perfect hair, it’s so smooth, and silky, and straight. And, I have an adorable smile, and great brown eyes, and hell, let’s face it, I am so perfect. Elle Woods doesn’t have anything on me.

Danny smiled a bit, “like whoa, Danny. What happened to your face?” It was red and had finger marks, so unattractive. I’m glad I didn’t eat what he ate; otherwise my adorable face would look like his. He’s normally not all that bad looking, plus from the sex pictures Vivian took, he’s got quite the cute willie. It’s kinda fat like cute new born babies.

“Vivian didn’t tell you?” he looked confused?

“Vivian who?” I put on my dumb act. She told me, and quite frankly I didn’t give a damn, Danny’s hot, and I’m hot, he’s cute, I’m cute. People who are cute and hot should mate with hot and cute people. I wasn’t interested in whatever he ate or happened with him and Vivian, I wanted Danny. He could make up for Paris not being there.

“You know, Vivian, your best friend,” I smiled innocently at him, making my way to him. I held my room key in my hand, “opps,” I had dropped it. I reached down, brushing his crotch and grabbed my key. “Big boy,” I devilishly smiled. My lips quivered as they met his. “I want you Mr. Jones.”
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